Texas suburban rock group Sad Cops has made a name for themselves in their hometown. The 5-piece recently dropped a new EP and are continuing to gain traction in the music scene. Staff writer Zoe Dillman had a minute to chat with the group about their music and upcoming tour!

For anyone who hasn’t heard you guys, describe Sad Cops’ music in three words.
Sad, loud, happy.

Your second EP Transition Songs came out June 8th. How have your fans been reacting to the new release?
Good so far, yeah so far ya know, yeah.

How was the EP release show for Transition Songs?
It was great, all the bands were great. Strongbad slaps, Astragal is awesome. We are really excited for tour with them so it was awesome.

You’re no strangers to DIY touring, how is your upcoming tour with Astragal different from previous runs?
This time it’s put together so —  Astragal is pretty experienced in DIY touring so they really got that down. And the last tour we did wasn’t really DIY, we only played venues. This time we are playing a lot of houses which is going to be a lot of fun because I think we’ve only played like four or five houses outside of Texas in the past. But this is mostly houses.

Do you have any more tours planned this year?
Not yet.

What do you like to do outside of the band as a creative outlet?
I’m in a sledge band with Collin and Millis called Fount. So that’s a good thing to do ya know that’s pretty fun. And Fortnite.

What can we expect from Fount this year?
Really really noisy, slow metal EP that has two fifteen minute songs on it.

What can fans expect from Happy Firemen this year?
A set tonight, are you going?

Where can readers find your music?
Bandcamp, spotify, google play, amazon, napster, not kidding. Tidal, apple music, iTunes, all those.

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