Toronto-based musician Rachel Bobbitt released a compelling track, “More,” alongside her announcement of signing to Fantasy Records.

“More” embodies the struggles of women in the modern medical system and the expectations placed on them. The single and video depicts a woman navigating life outside of those expectations. In a time when society and lawmakers are challenging women’s reproductive rights, “More” is a powerful and fitting piece.

“They say that the body’s just a thing to house a life, but mine heaves and protests with the pressure of just mine.”

Rachel Bobbitt – “More” Lyrics

The honest lyrics express the importance people place on bringing children into the world, rather than on a woman’s health.

Bobbitt shares, “It’s all about this body that I have, suffering from the migraines I’ve inherited from my mom, but it’s also about how some people see women as being made for having children, something I don’t even necessarily want at this point.” 

Along with the poignant lyrics, “Move” features airy, melodic vocals set to delicate violin and euphoric electric guitar. The elements of the track seamlessly play together to create a cinematic listening experience. In combination with the music video, “Move” truly tells an important story.

Watch the video for “More” below, and follow along with Rachel Bobbitt here.

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