Underoath, Dance Gavin  Dance, Veil Of Maya, Limbs
The Oakdale – Wallingford, CT – 5.10.2018
Words & Photos by Brittany Isaacson

After releasing their first new music in eight years, Underoath set out on the No Fix Tour to promote the new album. The tour runs across the country, starting in Las Vegas, making its way to the East Coast, and then down South. Supporting Underoath are Dance Gavin Dance, Veil Of Maya, and Limbs. About halfway through the tour, Underoath made a highly anticipated stop in Connecticut. Fans began pouring in before sundown, packing the Dome at the Oakdale.

As the evening grew later and the openers left the stage, it was finally time for Underoath to take the stage. The lights dimmed and the stage was illuminated green, symbolic of the new album’s aesthetic. The band walked onto the stage and vocalist Spencer Chamberlain joined shortly after as fans screamed in excitement. Opening with “On My Teeth” off of Erase Me, Underoath gave the crowd a taste of the new music live before jumping into “In Regards to Myself” off of 2006’s Define The Great Line. The set progressed into music off of They’re Only Chasing Safety from 2004 before returning to another hit off the new album.

The setlist balanced old favorites with new hits, pleasing fans from all stages of the band’s career. Spencer Chamberlain took a few moments throughout the evening to sincerely thank everyone for sticking with the band through their journey, and expressed how happy they are to be back and playing shows. His words made their performance feel very genuine and heartfelt, which is not always the case with national touring acts.

As Underoath’s set drew to an end, fans were growing more and more energetic. The circle pit expanded from the center of the room, and crowd surfers multiplied overhead. The final song of the night, “Writing On The Walls,” had everyone singing along and expending the very last of their energy.

The No Fix Tour proves that Underoath is back stronger than ever. Don’t miss your chance to see them on this run, and be sure to follow Underoath on their new journey.

Dance Gavin Dance