Beartooth, Underoath, Bring Me The Horizon
Tsongas Center @ UMass Lowell – Lowell, MA – 3.18.2017
Words and Photos by: Brittany Isaacson

The American Nightmare tour hit Lowell, Massachusetts yesterday. Fans drove from all areas to catch this show, including as far as Quebec, Canada. There were thousands in attendance for this highly anticipated tour.

Beartooth opened up the night with a bang. The band brought energy and excitement to the arena that lasted throughout the night. Opening with “Aggressive,” the title track off of the band’s latest album, Beartooth grabbed everyone’s attention from the start. Fans didn’t hesitate to start the crowdsurfing early, and filled the arena with the lyrics of their favorite songs. Vocalist Caleb Shomo didn’t let minor technical difficulties put a damper on their set, and kept the energetic vibe through the end of the set. Other fan favorites on the setlist included “Hated” and “In Between.”

Next up was Underoath, who had brought in a good size crowd of their own. Many fans were excited to see Underoath for the first time again since their reunion in 2015. From the start, the group did not let fans down, playing a great deal of songs off of one of their most successful albums, Define The Great Line. Other songs played included “Reinventing Your Exit,” off of They’re Only Chasing Safety and “Illuminator,” off of Ø (Disambiguation).

Finally, the lights dimmed and the stage was illuminated with flashes of intriguing video. Bring Me the Horizon took the stage and fans erupted in cheers. The group opened with “Happy Song,” complete with confetti canons and smoke. It was apparent how much planning went into the production, as the lighting and background videos were breathtaking. Bring Me The Horizon did not let the energy tune down. Oli separated the crowd, yelling “Push it back!” before the breakdown, sending fans into a huge mosh pit. The group played many songs off of their latest album, That’s The Spirit, such as “Follow You,” “Throne,” and “Doomed.” The night ended with a lively performance of “Drown,” with more confetti, smoke, and crowdsurfing.

Every band on this bill made the show incredible, and truly one of the best tours of the year. Be sure to check out Beartooth, Underoath, and Bring Me The Horizon this Spring on The American Nightmare Tour.



Bring Me The Horizon