Don Broco
The Beacham – Orlando, FL – 3.31.2018
Words and photos by Brooke Champine

I recently caught rock band Don Broco on the Selective Hearing Tour with Jule Vera, I the Mighty, and headliner Our Last Night. The band recently released their new album, ‘Technology’ via Sharptone records.

The energetic quartet opened with ‘Everybody’, a new song from their new album. This instantly caught my interest. The song was so unique and catchy, and one that I definitely will be adding to my music library.

The energy that Don Broco has on stage is mind blowing. No one on stage stopped jumping and moving around throughout the entire set. The crowd was just as wild, moshing and swinging their t-shirts around in the air. It was clear throughout the whole set that this band is going places.

Finishing the night up with ‘Pretty’, another hit off their new album, Don Broco ended their set on a great note. The crowd sang and danced along until the very last note.

Overall, Don Broco definitely put on an amazing show, and they gained me as a fan. I can’t wait to catch them on Warped Tour here in Florida this summer.