Heather Sommer shared a new song and video, titled “ME TO A STRANGER,” featuring Mothica. The track is the newest preview of what’s to come on the artist’s upcoming EP, ONE SIZE FITS ALL, out June 17.

Previously released singles include “CHAMELEON,” “ON DEMAND,” and “THE WAY A FRIEND WOULD.”

Watch the video for “ME TO A STRANGER” ft. Mothica below.

On the track, Heather shares:

“This collaboration with MOTHICA is a whole new soundscape for me, and is the most badass song I’ve ever been a part of. I’ve been wanting to get a little bit more experimental and wilder production-wise for a while now, and this was the perfect song to do that with.”

Heather Sommer

Pre-order ONE SIZE FITS ALL here before its release on June 17.