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Bullet For My Valentine – “Stitches”

Bullet For My Valentine shared the video for “Stitches,” a track previously only available as a Japanese exclusive. 

In addition to the video, Bullet For My Valentine will also release a deluxe version of their self-titled album on August 5 via Spinefarm/Search and Destroy.

Watch the video for “Stitches” below, and pre-order the deluxe edition of their self-titled album here.

In Hearts Wake – “W2HA”

In Hearts Wake released “W2HA,” a new single off their forthcoming Green Is The New Black official soundtrack.

The group’s Green Is The New Black documentary premiered during Earth Week 2022 and received a nomination for an Environmental Music Prize.

Watch the visualizer for “W2HA” below, and pre-order Green Is The New Black OST here.

The Villa – “Bad For Me”

The Villa released a new single and video, “Bad For Me,” off their forthcoming EP, Savior Self. The EP, out July 22 via Velocity Records, is the group’s first extended release since their debut in 2020.

On the track, vocalist Michael Bohn shares, “The song ‘Bad For Me’ was actually the first song we ended up writing and recording with Kile Odell and Zach Williams. I feel like it’s sort of a rare thing when a band ends up using the first song they record in the studio as the first single. I remember finishing it up and immediately thinking that we really had something special and strong. We had finally found/dialed in our sound with ‘Bad For Me.’”

Watch the video for “Bad For Me” below. Pre-order or pre-save Savior Self now.

Turnover – “Wait Too Long” and “Mountains Made of Clouds”

Turnover shared not one, but two new songs ahead of their West Coast tour this month. “Wait Too Long” and “Mountains Made of Clouds” give listeners a fresh taste of what’s to come from the band later this year.

“‘Wait Too Long’ is about expectation from yourself and others about what life is supposed to be like,” shares frontman Austin Getz. 

“Finding that balance of being motivated and inspired by what’s around you without it feeling like something [is] pushing you down. I moved away from northern California this year. A town called Sebastopol was my home for about 5 years and I changed a lot in my time out there.” 

“’Mountains Made Of Clouds’ is an ode to that time and place. I wrote it from the perspective of a bunch of different people I gathered things from while I lived there and my own observation. It’s a song I wrote hoping to be able to listen back years from now and remember it.”

Watch the visuals for “Wait Too Long” and “Mountains Made of Clouds” below. 

easy life – “DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY” ft. Kevin Abstract

easy life shared the video for their new single, “DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY,” featuring Kevin Abstract.

Additionally, easy life announced their new album, MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE, out August 12 via Geffen Records.

Speaking on the track and Kevin Abstract’s feature, easy life’s Murray shares, “Kevin raps about expectations versus reality, choice, and regret. Thematically, ‘DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY’ opened up this whole world, and the desire for us as a band to create a world that was better than the one we inhabited at the time.”

Watch the video for “DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY” below, and pre-order MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE here.

midwxst – “sidelines”

Midwxst released a new single, titled “sidelines.” The track is the newest music since the drop of his better luck next time EP, released earlier this year. 

Stream “sidelines” below.

Pinkshift – “nothing (in my head)”

Pinkshift announced their signing to Hopeless Records and dropped, “nothing (in my head),” their first single with the label.

Leading up to this moment, Pinkshift made their mark with self-released tracks and last year’s Saccharine EP.

Watch the video for “nothing (in my head)” below.

Cherie Amour – “Sin City”

Cherie Amour shared a video for their new single, “Sin City,” via Equal Vision Records. 

The track follows the release of 2021’s genre-bending Internal Discussions EP.

“‘Sin City’ is a song we wrote in the studio last summer about 4 days before I moved to Las Vegas (hence the title of the song),” says vocalist Trey Miller. 

“Lyrically, the song is about the uncertainty I felt in my life at the time regarding my career and my relationships. At the time the song was written, we hadn’t gone on a tour yet, but I mentioned ‘Finding myself on tour’ and the song sort of ended up being a manifestation of what our lives have become since then.”

Watch the video for “Sin City” below.

Clinton Kane – “14”

Clinton Kane dropped a new song and video, “14,” off his upcoming debut album Maybe Someday It’ll All Be Ok, out this summer.

On writing and releasing “14,” Clinton shares, “I’ve teased this song for officially a year; I wish I took another year to tease, but I would’ve gotten canceled. Can’t believe ‘14’ is finally out!”

“This song breaks my heart into a million pieces every single time I listen to it. I wrote it two years ago when I was at my lowest with myself – doubting every single thing about me: how I grew up, where I’m from, and who I am. This song took a year to write, with 30 different choruses and verses being written to this track. I hope you find peace when you listen to this song and know that you are not alone in this world.”

Watch the video for “14” below.

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