I See Stars, Between Now and Forever, More Than Human and DJ Kris Cerro
Jupiter Hall – Albany, NY – 6/9/17
Words and Photos by Peter Jones-Torregrosa

On a small run of headlining and festival dates, I See Stars played a small venue hidden inside a shopping mall. Unsurprisingly, they still drew a committed crowd and preformed a phenomenal set. The set was jam packed with singles off of Treehouse and New Demons, the band’s two most recent releases. Complete with handheld CO2 cannons and an incredible stage presence, I See Stars will certainly be welcomed back to the New York area with open arms.

The local openers all delivered unique sounds. DJ Kris Cerro played a fun and upbeat electronic set, Between Now and Forever delivered a tight metalcore sound and More Than Human featured a more traditional metal sound. Be sure to keep an eye out for these guys at shows near you!

DJ Kris Cerro

More Than Human

Between Now And Forever

I See Stars