Imperial Tide announced their forthcoming EP, Existence in Crisis, out August 18 via Mascot Records. Additionally, the group shared a new single, “R.A.T.”

“This track echoes the sentiment of the entire EP: ‘..if I light the match, I can set the fire,” shares the band. “This is our spark before we set the world ablaze. The chorus’ riff rips, while the punk-influenced verses bring a consistent energy that makes you wonder what’s next. The song culminates with quite possibly the heaviest moment on the EP, our guitarist Keene’s vocals bring a level of grit we haven’t touched yet.”

Watch the visualizer for Imperial Tide’s new single, “R.A.T.,” below.

Speaking about the EP, the band says:

Existence in Crisis is the reflection of the world around us, and our space we create in. The songs are a breath of fresh air without re-writing the history of the band. We put the songs together over a period of time that was filled with unrest, personally and socially. We had to say something about what we were seeing and the issues that were so blatantly present. At our core we aren’t afraid to ask questions or push back on the things we don’t agree with. The EP is our first step into pushing ‘Tide in a way that separates us from the standard product that our genre seems to revert to.”

Pre-save Existence in Crisis here ahead of its August 18 release.