The Band CAMINO, Bad Suns, Charlotte Sands
MGM Music Hall at Fenway – Boston, MA – 9.16.2023
Words and photos by Brittany Isaacson

The Band CAMINO brought the Screaming in the Dark Tour to the MGM Music Hall at Fenway in Boston this weekend. Fresh off the release of their highly anticipated album, The Dark, The Band CAMINO kicked off the tour last week in Philadelphia. 

Since their formation in 2015, The Band CAMINO has grown a massive fan base and garnered hundreds of millions of streams. It was no surprise to see fans line the streets of Fenway waiting in anticipation to see their favorite band. 

Once doors opened, fans poured into the MGM Music Hall at Fenway and flocked to the barricade. The room was substantially full by the time Charlotte Sands took the stage. The singer-songwriter instantly impressed the audience with her massive vocals and upbeat energy. Playing popular tracks like “Bad Day” and “Dress,” Sands left everyone excited for the rest of the evening.

A short time later, Bad Suns kicked off their set and treated the audience to their groovy indie-rock tunes. The California natives played an array of songs, including hits “Daft Pretty Boys” and “Cardiac Arrest.”

Finally, as the lights dimmed and the Boston crowd’s anticipation reached its peak, The Band CAMINO took the stage. The glow of blacklights illuminated the stage and neon-hued instruments. The MGM Music Hall came to life as the electrifying melodies of “Afraid of the Dark” filled the room.

The Band CAMINO’s infectious pop-rock sound had fans jumping and singing along all night. Vocalists and guitarists Spencer Stewart and Jeffery Jordan commanded the stage while Garrison Burgess dominated on the drums. Stewart and Jordan’s complementary vocals create a unique depth to their music, which is even more profound live.

The band’s extensive 27-song setlist included something for fans new and old. Ranging from tracks like The Dark’s “See You Later” and “Told You So” to tryhard’s “See Through” and self-titled’s “Roses,” the setlist intertwined their discography smoothly.

Additionally, halfway through their set, Stewart and Jordan slowed things down with an acoustic performance. With Stewart on piano and Jordan on guitar, the two serenaded the audience with stripped-back versions of tracks like the 2018 single “Fool of Myself” and “The Black and White” off their 2016 My Thoughts on You EP.

During a heartfelt moment, Jordan shouted out his “favorite fan,” a five-year-old girl who was front row. He explained the shirt he was wearing featured the fan’s drawing of him she gifted him at a meet-and-greet event. It was a sweet moment that the young fan likely will never forget.

The encore closed out the already action-packed evening with a bang. The Band CAMINO dove into “I Think I Like You” and “Berenstein” before ending with “Daphne Blue.” Confetti and streamers showered the audience as they belted out one final chorus.

The Band CAMINO continues to be an innovative force in the pop-rock music industry, and The Dark is proof they are not letting up anytime soon. Their live show is evolving as well, as the crowds, venues, production, and sound grow bigger. The Screaming in the Dark tour features the best of The Band CAMINO so far. It is not one to miss. 

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