The Band CAMINO, renforshort, Games We Play
The Dome at Oakdale – Wallingford, CT – 6.16.2022
Words and photos by Brittany Isaacson

Fans poured into The Dome at Oakdale in Wallingford, CT on Thursday for a much anticipated show with The Band CAMINO.

The Band CAMINO recently set out on the second leg of “The Tour CAMINO” with renforshort and Games We Play. The completely sold-out first leg of the tour wrapped up in April, and the hype undeniably carried through to these shows as well. 

Opening the night was Florida-based pop-punk band Games We Play. Loosening up the crowd with their popular track, “I Hope You’re Happy,” and a cover of “Cruise,” Games We Play’s set was a lively start to the night.

Next to the stage, renforshort treated concertgoers to a bouncy alt-pop performance, featuring her hit song “fuck, i luv my friends.” renforshort also performed her newest singles, “moshpit,” “we’ll make this okay” and “made for you.”

At last it was time for The Band CAMINO to take the stage. The lights dimmed and the crowd erupted with cheers of excitement. The set kicked off with “Know It All,” “Roses” and “EVERYBODYDIES” off 2021’s self-titled debut album. 

Briefly deviating from the self-titled tracklist, The Band CAMINO performed hit single, “Less Than I Do,” and “2/14” off 2016’s My Thoughts on You EP. Later in the night the band played through “Never a Good Time,” their track released with NOTD. They also played their collaboration track with Chelsea Cutler, “Crying Over You.”

Throughout the night, the focus largely remained on their debut self-titled album, which continues to amass millions of streams since its release in September. Additional tracks performed off The Band CAMINO include “I Think I Like You,” “Song About You,” “Underneath My Skin” and more.

The Band CAMINO’s set also featured a lively selection of hits from their popular tryhard EP. Favorites played from the tryhard collection include “Hush Hush,” “What I Want” and “See Through.”

Rather than playing a traditional encore, The Band CAMINO powered through until the last song. “The Tour CAMINO” at The Oakdale went out with a bang, closing with the infectious beats of “1 Last Cigarette” and “Daphne Blue.”

Although The Band CAMINO played a 20-song set, most of the crowd would have stayed for 20 more. The group’s multidimensional performance captivates fans and strangers alike. Lead vocalist Jeffery Jordan’s smooth vocals seamlessly complement those of Spencer Stewart’s. The beat of Garrison Burgess’ drums and the electrifying keys together with the catchy lyrics are a recipe for perfection.

Putting out hit after hit, The Band CAMINO have quickly claimed their spot as one to watch. It’s only a matter of time until the Nashville natives are selling out arenas with their pop ballads.

The Band CAMINO have dubbed themselves, “your mom’s favorite band,” and they have definitely become one of ours, too.

The Band CAMINO debut album is available here.

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