All Time Low, SWMRS, Waterparks, The Wrecks
House Of Blues – Boston, MA – 7.28.2017
Words and Photos by Brittany Isaacson

All Time Low has been touring the country in support of their seventh studio album Last Young Renegade, bringing along SWMRS, Waterparks, Night Riots and The Wrecks. The pop-punk mavens took a nostalgic, darker route with this album, letting their years of wisdom and experiences shape their new-and-improved sound. “The older you get, the more you realize everybody has a dark side and a past. You come to terms with those scars. They’re what make us who we are, define us, and give us character,” reflects frontman Alex Gaskarth. The new tracks were met with wide-ranging support, and the album premiered at number 9 on the US Billboard 200. The group’s strong fan base was apparent in Boston, as a line about a mile long stretched down the block for the Young Renegades Tour.

The Wrecks opened up the night with some indie-rock vibes. Their punchy, wistful sound made them a memorable act that evening, and got the crowd eager for more. Waterparks and SWMRS followed, bringing more unique experiences to the show.

Finally the lights dimmed and suspense built as the screen played a series of cinematic clips. All Time Low was met with roaring applause as they took the stage to the opening notes of “Last Young Renegade.” From the start, their set was bursting with infectious energy and enthusiasm. The group followed up with a classic, “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t),” and long time fans sang along in unison. Throughout the night, All Time Low performed fan favorites ranging from “Vegas” to “Weightless” to “Lost In Stereo.” The setlist also included select hits off of Last Young Renegade, including “Good Times,” “Nice2KnoU,” and “Dirty Laundry.”

Alex Gaskarth’s vocals echoed throughout the room as he slowed things down for a chilling rendition of “Therapy” on his acoustic guitar. This moment of an All Time Low show is always my favorite, because you can tell just how much the group connects with their fans via music. Looking around the room, you can see fans singing the words with tears streaming down their faces, holding signs up that read, “You saved my life.” Its a gripping moment, and it makes it apparent why All Time Low has been met with sweeping success.

The remainder of All Time Low’s set was once again full of spirit as guitarist Jack Barakat ran down both sides of the stage, making sure to engage all of the crowd in the performance. Rian Dawson held nothing back as he slammed on the drums and Zack Merrick jumped high into the air with his bass. An All Time Low tradition, bras accumulated on stage and were hung on mic stands. The hype lasted throughout the performance, and left the crowd cheering for an encore. The pop-punk idols came back on stage for three more spirited songs, ending with the one and only “Dear Maria, Count Me In.”

All Time Low has earned a name for themselves in the music industry, and it’s no question why. While staying true to their pop-punk roots, the group has managed to mature and progress their sound to remain true to who they are. Last Young Renegade explores relatable, real themes and presents fresh sounds for its listeners. All Time Low’s live show evolved with the music, having transformed into an ethereal experience.

Be sure to catch All Time Low the next time they come around, along with The Wrecks, Waterparks, and SWMRS!

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