Underoath, Spiritbox, Bad Omens, Stray From The Path
The Oakdale Theatre – Wallingford, CT – 3.13.2022
Words and Photos by Brittany Isaacson

Underoath recently set out on the Voyeurist Tour, which touched down Sunday night at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut. The bill features crushing performances from Underoath, Spiritbox, Bad Omens, and Stray From The Path.

For many Underoath fans, the Voyeurist Tour is the first live show from the group since pre-pandemic life. In 2020, Underoath brought virtual live shows to their fans through their Observatory livestream experience. However, nothing truly compares to the energy of an in-person Underoath show.

On finally touring again, vocalist Spencer Chamberlain shares:

“There was a time during the pandemic where I didn’t know if we’d ever get to tour again. I would sit up at night and try to wrap my brain around a world without live music and I just couldn’t ever digest that thought.”

Spencer Chamberlain

Tonight, as I watched fans pour into the Oakdale Theatre, it felt nostalgic. Concerts, which were once a normal, weekly occurrence, are just now starting to feel “normal” again. Seeing fans enter wearing band merch, donned with smiling faces and anticipation, was a reminder of just how important these shows are. Live music allows fans to connect with their favorite music in its most intimate form.

First, the night kicked off with slamming sets from Stray From The Path and Bad Omens. By the time Spiritbox took the stage, the room was full of energy and excitement. Spiritbox recently rejoined the tour after having to take a brief rest to recover from COVID. However, you would never know they were recouping, as they smashed their live set and carried the energy the entire way through. Echoes of fans chanting, “Spiritbox!” filled the room as the band left the stage.

Finally, after a few hours of building anticipation, it was time for Underoath to take the stage. This tour follows the release of their seventh album, Voyeurist, which dropped in January via Fearless Records.

On the album, Underoath guitarist Tim McTague explains:

“The album concept came out of the larger idea that everything is a manipulation…from the news to social media to how you present yourself, even to the people closest to you. Everything is part truth and part fiction. We wanted to strip Underoath back down to exclusively truth and cut out all distractions – and made the record on our own along with our engineer JJ Revel. The result is Voyeurist.”

Tim McTague

Seeing Voyeurist performed live is undeniably a testament to the theme of the album itself – the performance was honest, compelling, and hard-hitting. From beginning to end, Underoath did not hold back. Crushing instrumentals and compelling vocals filled the room as the band opened with, “Damn Excuses,” the first track off the new Voyeurist album.

Underoath followed the new track with the throwback, “Breathing In A New Mentality,” off 2008’s Lost In The Sound Of Separation, before looping back to more recent work, “On My Teeth,” off 2018’s Erase Me. They continued with older favorites, “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door,” from They’re Only Chasing Safety (2004), and “In Regards To Myself,” off 2006’s Define The Great Line.

Other tracks performed off 2022’s Voyeurist include the album’s second single, “Hallelujah,” “Thorn,” and melodic track “Pneumonia.” Overall, the setlist seamlessly blends decades of the band’s discography, featuring the best of the present and past.

The energy coursed throughout the entire set, only briefly pausing to address a safety concern, which was handled very well by both the band and the crowd. However, the show picked up right where it left off with everyone moshing, crowd surfing and singing along.

Finally, the night would not be complete without hearing “Writing On The Walls,” off 2006’s Define The Great Line. Due to time constraints from temporarily pausing the show, the band still played through to the last song but opted to not leave the stage for a traditional encore. Although this was not planned, it felt right, as the energy flowed through the room all the way to the last note of “Writing On The Walls.”

To summarize, the Voyeurist tour was worth the wait, and Underoath shows no sign of slowing down. There is just under half the tour left, with stops this week in Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland.

Tickets for remaining dates are available here. Stream Voyeurist, available now via Fearless Records.

Stray From The Path

Bad Omens



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