Skyhaven has dropped their new single, “U Do.” The song is the beginning of a new era for the LA-based band, as they are now a duo and have shifted towards an electronic rock sound.

In 2017, there was quite a bit of hype around Skyhaven’s name in the prog-rock scene after working with Polyphia’s Timothy Henson and Scott Lepage on their debut EP Liftoff.

Today, they are back with a new sound on “U Do,” which features guest vocals from Keston Wright. The track embodies R&B and pop influences, while still embracing their prog-rock roots. The soulful song is a preview of what’s to come on their debut album, DRUGLUST.

On the song guitarist Jake Johnston shares, “We wanted this video to represent the bittersweetness of addiction, how it can be romanticized and seen as something glamorous at times. While at the end of the day it ends in burning out and something that is less than desirable.”

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