Keyed Up vocalist Gina Fritz released “Remedy,” a single for her solo project. The song features guest vocals from Whitney Peyton, the other half of the Keyed Up duo.

“Remedy” strays away from Keyed Up’s signature hip-hop/pop sound and returns to Fritz’s pop-punk roots.

On the single, Fritz shares “‘Remedy’ brings me right back to my pop-punk roots where I started and found a love for music. I left pop-punk over two years ago and I’m more than excited to make my return, especially with this single. My good friend and fellow band mate Whitney Peyton is also featured in this track. My goal is to create songs as to how I feel. This specific song I went through, and it talks about a push and pull relationship. When one person wants it, the other doesn’t. It paints a visual of the toxic relationship for the listener.”

Stream “Remedy” below.

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