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Automatic – “Skyscraper”

Automatic shared a new single, “Skyscraper,” off their upcoming album, Excess, out June 24

“Skyscraper” features rich synth and catchy pop hooks. Automatic’s Halle Saxon-Gaines shares, “It’s about spending your life making money and then spending it to fill the void created by said job.” Lola Dompé adds: “Kind of like going to LA to live your dreams.”

Stream “Skyscaper” by Automatic below.

Ravyn Lenae – Hypnos

Ravyn Lenae shared her debut album, Hypnos, yesterday. Earlier this week she released a final preview of the album: the single “Xtasy.”

On the album, Ravyn says, “When you listen to the music, I hope you have a better understanding of me and even catch a better understanding of yourself… As artists, we make music as a pathway to help other people understand certain aspects of their lives. I’ve gone through the tunnels and seen the light on the other side. I’m finding my way, I’m clearer on who I am and my power through music and lyricism, [and] I’m pouring more into me, friendships, family, and music. Through all of that, I’m fulfilled.”

Next week Ravyn Lenae sets out on her headlining US, UK and EU tour dates. Tickets are available here.

Hypnos is available now. Watch the video for “Xtasy” by Ravyn Lenae below.

Blake Rose – “Demon (Live Session)”

Blake Rose shared a live video for his latest track, “Demon.”

“’Demon’ is a song about the people that make you feel like you’re not good enough,” shares Blake.

Additionally, Blake Rose will join girl in red on her sold-out North American tour this fall. For more information, visit

Watch the live video for “Demon” by Blake Rose below.

Salt Creek – “The Vine”

Alt-rock group Salt Creek released a music video for “The Vine,” off their newly released album, Out of the Sky. 

“For the music video, we just wanted to do something fun,” shares Salt Creek. 

“‘The Vine’ is about seeing someone you’ve known for years in a different light, so this video is a different perspective of that conversation. Our friend Kay (Dargen) came up with a goofy idea and we just went with it!”

Watch the video for “The Vine” by Salt Creek below.

Soccer Mommy – “Bones”

Soccer Mommy shared a new track, “Bones,” off her upcoming full-length album, Sometimes Forever, out June 24.

On the track, Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison shares, “‘Bones’ is a song about struggling with the parts of yourself that you don’t like in a relationship. It’s about wanting to become better for someone and feeling like you’re standing in your own way.”

Watch the video for “Bones” by Soccer Mommy below.

As It Is – “I HATE ME TOO” (Music Video)

As It is released the music video for “I HATE ME TOO,” off their new album I WENT TO HELL AND BACK

“’I HATE ME TOO’ was a really fun project to shoot,” shares the band. 

“The three of us appear as talent show judges who hate all the various versions of themselves onstage. Despite the wide array of genres, looks, and performance styles, there’s no escaping the simple, solitary fact: We hate us, too. It’s a lighthearted and super silly take on a devastatingly self-deprecating song, but that juxtaposition is what had us so excited about this concept in the first place. Thank you all for checking this one out; we hope you love it, and we hope you don’t hate us, too.”

Watch the video for “I HATE ME TOO” by As It Is below.

Bayside – “Strangest Faces”

Bayside released a new single and music video, “Strangest Faces,” via Hopeless Records. 

On the new music, Bayside’s Anthony Raneri shares, “Writing riffs and making heavy music is fun. We’ve always had that kind of influence and we leaned into it a lot more with Interrobang. We wanted to see how far we could take injecting heaviness and riffs into melodic punk music.

Additionally, Bayside heads out on tour next month with Thrice. Tickets and more information are available here.

Watch the video for “Strangest Faces” by Bayside below.

Secrets – “Get Outta My Head”

Secrets shared a video for their new single, “Get Outta My Head,” off their upcoming album The Collapse, out June 10.

“Get Outta My Head” focuses on mental health and features aggressive riffs and powerful vocals.

Pre-order The Collapse now, and watch the video for “The Collapse” by Secrets below.

Cane Hill – “A Form of Protest”

Cane Hill released a video for their new single “A Form of Protest.”

The track is one of the group’s heaviest to date and “is our first release of a new era for Cane Hill,” the band says. 

“It marks the transition between what we’ve been to what we will become. Poised in rage and frustration caused by ‘the powers that be,’ this song welcomes you into our relentless and uncompromising future.”

Additionally, Cane Hill sets out for their headline tour next week. Tickets and more information are available here.

Watch the video for “A Form of Protest” by Cane Hill below.

Valleyheart – “Miracle” 

Massachusetts’ Valleyheart shared a video for their new track, “Miracle.” 

The group also announced their second album, Heal My Head, out June 3 via Tooth & Nail. Pre-orders are available here.

On the track, Valleyheart’s Kevin Klein shares, “’Miracle’ was written on a walk through my town of Salem, Massachusetts and a day at the ocean. The intro melody had been floating around in my head and in various band practices for many years, but once I had the lyrics from that walk, I recorded a full demo of the song in one day.”

“The song has horns on it, which is a first for Valleyheart. And it definitely explores an early 2000s sound as a primary influence for its feel — with lots of piano on the verses. I wanted that nostalgic feel to be the bedrock.”

Watch the video for “Miracle” by Valleyheart below.

Astronoid – “Human”

Astronoid released a third and final single, “Human,” off their upcoming album, Radiant Bloom, out June 3.

The track follows previously released singles, “Eyes” and “Sleep Whisper.” 

Pre-order Radiant Bloom now, and stream “Human” by Astronoid below.

Mayday Parade – “Losing My Mind”

Mayday Parade shared a new single and video, “Losing My Mind.”

The track is an outtake from the band’s 2021 album, What It Means To Fall Apart and “is about being alone and missing the one that got away,” says Mayday Parade’s Jake Bundrick.

The video features vegan cake artist Mars fo Dark Hearth.

Additionally, Mayday Parade will perform on their UK self-titled anniversary tour, as well as on Sad Summer Fest and When We Were Young Festival. Tickets and more information are available here.

Watch the video for “Losing My Mind” by Mayday Parade below.

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