Every Enemy Alive is a post alternative melodic metal band from Bennington, VT. They started in its current form in June of 2017, with the addition of guitarist Jacob Dunican and bassist Zach Primrose; to longstanding members Seth Bartholdi and Kyle Frechette.

Every Enemy Alive’s mission statement and purpose for playing music is “to connect the music that we play to everyday people and the problems that everyday people have to deal with”. “Our aim is to show people that they are not the only ones that feel a certain way about things in life and that any story can be re-written with the right attitude,” shares Jake.

Brooke Champine recently sat down to talk with Jake and Seth of Every Enemy Alive. Get to know more about their band, their music, and their new single, “An Amorous Affliction,” by listening to the interview below.

Stream “An Amorous Affliction” now on iTunes.

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