Alt-rock group Mayor’s House released a new single and music video, “Emma.”

Mayor’s House, a talented group of life-long friends, shared the inspiration behind the new track. While attending a music festival, the group met a woman named Emma, who opened up about her experience being gay in a conservative town.

“Emma’s openness really moved me and when I got home from the festival, I knew I had to write about us meeting,” says Emily Morris, vocalist of Mayor’s House. “The song is her story intertwined with a little bit with my own. It’s about the immediate bond that queer people have and our mutual understanding and respect for each other. This is the first song I’ve written that really is a gay song — I mean all of my songs are gay songs because that’s part of who I am, but this was the first song I’d written that really openly addressed that part of myself and it was important for me to do that.”

Watch the video for “Emma” below. Stream the track here.

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