Periphery, The Contortionist, Norma Jean, Infinity Shred
Toads Place in New Haven, CT – 4.2.2017
Words and Photos by Brittany Isaacson

Periphery played a packed show in New Haven last weekend as part of their Sonic Unrest Tour II. Other bands on the bill include The Contortionist, Norma Jean, and Infinity Shred.

Periphery’s set was full of soaring vocals and progressive metal vibes. By the time Periphery took the stage, the room was packed front to back. Opening with “A Black Minute,” the group captured the audience’s attention from the start. After “Stranger Things,” a fan favorite off of Juggernaut: Omega, Periphery dived into a setlist heavily drawn from their latest release, Periphery III: Select Difficulty. The entire crowd was feeling the performance, especially the fans pressed up against the barricade, who were head-banging and screaming along. Periphery’s performance was the perfect mix of chilling melodies and djenty guitar riffs

The Sonic Unrest Tour II is under way with dates left across the country. Be sure to catch one of the stops on this run!

Norma Jean

The Contortionist