The Midnight and Nightly
Royale – Boston, MA – 3.21.22
Words and Photos by Brittany Isaacson

Fans eagerly waited for doors to open Monday night at the Royale in Boston, MA for a sold-out show with The Midnight.

The first to take the stage, Nightly warmed up the crowd with their cinematic alt-pop sound. The Nashville natives opened with 2019’s “this time last year,” before diving into “S.T.A.Y” (2018). The setlist also featured “the movies,” off their 2020 album, night, love you.

The Midnight Royale

In addition to the fan favorites, Nightly treated fans to their newest single with NOTD, “about you” and an unreleased track. Their set wrapped up with “Twenty Something,” off their 2019 EP, Talk You Down. Nightly’s smooth vocals and catchy acoustics served as the perfect intro to The Midnight.

After much anticipation, it was finally time for The Midnight to take the stage. The lights dimmed as The Midnight (Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan) took the stage, joined by touring members Justin Klunk, Chris Kuffner and Lelia Broussard.

The group opened with “Neon Medusa” off their 2021 EP, Horror Show. Their signature synthwave melodies filled the room, transporting everyone back to their favorite ‘90s movie soundtrack.

Following was “Deep Blue,” off Monsters (2020) and “Days of Thunder,” the title track off their 2014 album.

Additionally, The Midnight reached old-time fans with some throwback songs, “Gloria,” “The Years (Prologue),” and fan-favorite “Los Angeles,” off their first album, Days of Thunder. Other anthems include “Jason,” “The Comeback Kid,” and “Vampires” off 2016’s Endless Summer.

Alongside the beloved throwback tracks, The Midnight treated fans to some of their newer discography as well. Hits performed off 2018’s Kids include “Lost Boy” and “America 2.” The group also played “Shadows” off Nocturnal (2018), along with a sneak peek at a new, unreleased song.

The Midnight Royale

Throughout their set, The Midnight dazzled the audience with their soaring vocals, dynamic instrumentals, and overall stunning production. The crowd went crazy as Justin Klunk executed remarkable sax solos, which added another dimension to the already impressive performance.

In addition, vocalist Tyler Lyle took a moment to thank everyone for coming out and to express how special it is for everyone to be able to be together again after a tough two years. His short but intimate speech reminded everyone to fully take in the moment – and they absolutely did. Echoes of the crowd singing along filled the room as fans jumped up and down.

The night ended with a three-song encore, consisting of 2015’s “Lost and Found,” and “Good in Red,” off 2021’s Horror Show. Finally, the set would not be complete without hearing Endless Summer favorite “Sunset.” The ethereal track served as the perfect outro to The Midnight’s picturesque performance.

The Midnight has a way of blending the optimism of the future with the rich, nostalgic vibes of the past. Overall, their live show is an extension of their euphonic storytelling abilities, taking concertgoers through a vivid, serene experience.

Just under half the tour remains with upcoming dates in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, and Raleigh.

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The Midnight