Check out this week’s highlights, and listen to our Weekly Rewind May 26 playlist, featuring The Band CAMINO, Polaris, Maisie Peters, Taylor Swift, and more.

The Band CAMINO – “Last Man In The World”

Rising rock group The Band CAMINO is back with another single, “Last Man In The World.”

The lively single is the follow-up to previously released tracks, “What Am I Missing?” and “Told You So.” “Last Man In The World” is a taste of what is to come on The Band CAMINO’s forthcoming project.

Watch the lyric video for “Last Man In The World” below.

Taylor Swift – Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition)

Taylor Swift released Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition), a deluxe edition of her album Midnights.

The album features a remix of her hit song, “Karma,” featuring Ice Spice. Additionally, the album features more Lana Del Rey on “Snow On The Beach,” which the singers originally recorded together.

Watch the visualizer for “Karma” Ft. Ice Spice below. Listen to Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition) here.

BENTLE – “Beam”

Josh McVey, aka BENTLE, released a new single, “Beam.”

On the track, BENTLE says, “‘Beam’ is my personal animation of what being caught in an endless thought loop looks like on a summer morning. I wrote it beachside with some friends while traveling through the Caribbean last year — I was processing so many new experiences and feelings at that time and ‘Beam’ takes me straight back to that night. As I woke the next morning I couldn’t stop humming the “honestly, I can’t be free” lyric and melody — I can remember it ringing in my head from the early hours of the morning and it was just so contagious I had to get it down on paper. I love this song because I can still smell the fire and see the hazy horizon from that night.”

Stream “Beam” below.

Plain White T’s – “Happy”

Plain White T’s are back with another new track, “Happy.”

“The thing I love about ‘Happy’ is that the lyrics are so optimistic and fun, but the chords and the melodies are so melancholy,” vocalist Tom Higgenson shares. “It’s like, ‘Ok, I know I’m going through something right now, but I just wanna get over it already and feel good again!’ Like I know things are gonna get better, but I’m not quite there yet.”

Watch the lyric video for “Happy” below.

Dominic Fike – “Ant Pile”

Along with announcing his forthcoming album, Sunburn, Dominic Fike shared a new track, “Ant Pile.” Coachella-goers had a sneak peek of the song, which he performed during his set at the festival last month. 

“Ant Pile” is the follow-up to the previously released single, “Dancing In The Courthouse.” Both songs will appear on Sunburn, which finds Fike returning to his roots in his home state of Florida.

Listen to “Ant Pile” below. Pre-order and pre-save Sunburn here.

Haley Blais – “Matchmaker”

Vancouver native Haley Blais released a new single, “Matchmaker,” off her forthcoming project.

“It’s a love song about being so confident and safe in a relationship that you start to look for cracks out of fear,” shares Blais.

Watch the music video for “Matchmaker” below.

Movements – “Fail You”

Movements shared a new song and music video, “Fail You.”

“‘Fail You’ has all the inner workings of a classic Movements track wrapped up in a shiny new package and served with a newer, more modern Movements sound,” vocalist Patrick Miranda says. “It’s a song about the fear of letting someone down and losing someone you love — reliving the mistakes over and over again and being haunted by all of your wrongdoings. Fans of both the new and old sounds will find something to love with this one.”

Additionally, Movements announced their new album, RUCKUS!, out on August 18. 

Watch the video for “Fail You” below. Pre-order and pre-save RUCKUS! here.

Polaris – “Inhumane”

Polaris unveiled their forthcoming album, Fatalism, along with a new single, “Inhumane.”

“‘Inhumane’ reflects on the feeling of growing desensitized to death, violence, and tragedy due to overexposure,” explains drummer Daniel Furnari. “I think for a lot of people over the last few years, when you’re facing a constant barrage of horrible news coming from every corner on a literal daily basis, eventually, you reach a point where the initial shock and sadness wear off and you find yourself becoming almost numb to it.” 

“It’s like a subconscious defense mechanism —when caring too much becomes too taxing, we stop caring at all,” Furnari continues. “That hollow feeling, or lack of feeling, can come with a lot of guilt, making you question whether your empathy and your humanity have been erased, and in a strange way almost wishing you could feel that pang of fear or sadness again.”

Check out the video for “Inhumane” below. Pre-order and pre-save Fatalism here.

Maisie Peters – “Two Weeks Ago”

British popstar Maisie Peters released her new song, “Two Weeks Ago,” from her forthcoming album The Good Witch.

“Two Weeks Ago” is the third track shared from the album, following previously released “Body Better” and “Lost The Breakup.”

Stream “Two Weeks Ago” below. Pre-order and pre-save The Good Witch here.

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