The Maine, DREAMERS, Night Riots
The Palladium – Worcester, MA – 11.7.2017
Words And Photos by Brittany Isaacson

Last week The Modern Nostalgia Tour made its way to the city of Worcester. A long line of fans stretched down the length of the building as they waited for the doors to open. Although the show fell on a Tuesday night, the crowd was sizable, and the energy made up for any empty space.

Night Riots started the night out with an electrifying performance. Before the show, I had never listened to the group before, but I left that evening a fan. Vocalist Travis Hawley’s intense vocals caught my attention from the start. One of the most alluring moments of Night Riots set was their intense drum-off during the third song. The lights went dark as the band banged on sets of drums with neon drumsticks. Between the group’s talent, energy, and spirited performance, the set was the perfect way to kickoff the night.

Keeping the energetic vibe, DREAMERS took the stage next opening with “Wolves” off of their 2016 album, This Album Does Not Exist. The alt pop group then plunged into “Little New Moon” and “Shooting Shadows” off of the same album. DREAMERS’ music is so easy to get lost in, singing and dancing to the catchy choruses. Comprised of only three members, the group performs with enough passion to fill even the biggest stages. I hope to see DREAMERS’ on a tour of their own in the future. I can only imagine what their headlining sets look like if their opening sets are packed with so much spirit.

The last and most anticipated set of the evening, The Maine walked to the stage dressed to the nines in white suits. Their stage setup was equally as appealing, with plush red carpets lining the floor and a 180-degree printed backdrop. The production mirrored something you would see in your dreams. The group played their two latest albums, Lovely Little Lonely and American Candy in their entirety. Starting with Lovely Little Lonely, The Maine had the crowd jumping and singing from the first song, “Don’t Come Down”. After completing Lovely Little Lonely, the Maine left the stage briefly to change before returning for American Candy. The crowd enjoyed the second half of the set, but fan-favorites seemed to be “English Girls” and “Am I Pretty”. Hearing the full discography from both albums was a unique experience, as the group played songs that are not typically on the setlist.

There are a handful of dates left on the Modern Nostalgia Tour, so be sure to catch one if the tour comes to your area. Stacked with talent from top to bottom, the tour will have you captivated all the way through.

Night Riots


The Maine