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Animal Sun – “I’m Already Dead” ft. DREAMERS (Video)

Animal Sun shared a video for “I’m Already Dead” featuring DREAMERS. The single is the second released off Animal Sun’s forthcoming album, Generation Waiting, out this summer. 

The video and bouncy track tell the story of the grip of social media on mental health and the obsession with going viral at any expense.

Watch the video for “I’m Already Dead” below.

Beckah Amani – “I Don’t Know Why I Don’t Leave You”

Beckah Amani shared a new single, “I Don’t Know Why I Don’t Leave You,” via The Orchard. Along with the track, the singer-songwriter released her self-directed music video.

On the track, Beckah explains, “‘I Don’t Know Why I Don’t Leave You’ is about the unrealistic expectations we have about relationships that rom coms, drama series, fairy tales and romantic novels have set.”

Watch the video for “I Don’t Know Why I Don’t Leave You” below.

FLOYA – “The Hymn”

FLOYA dropped the video for their second single, “The Hymn.” The anthemic track picks up a faster pace compared to previously released “Wonders.”

In regards to the song’s meaning, vocalist Phil Bayer says, “The Hymn’ is about compromise and letting go, but also about making peace with these concepts. There are times when you realize you can’t have everything you want, so then you’ve got to decide what to pursue and what to let go of. These things can be fairly dramatic sometimes, but in the end, these scenarios teach me about what’s most important to me.”

Watch the video for “The Hymn” below.

Varials – “The Cycle of Violence: Chapter 1”

Varials dropped a crushing new track, “The Cycle of Violence: Chapter 1.” Featuring brutal screams and a hellish mid-song breakdown, the single explores the emotional drive for revenge.

Speaking on the track, Varials says, “The song is about taking a life just for the lust of revenge. No other reason. It’s a reflection from the perspective of a loved one of the deceased who survived, and their own lust for revenge that creates a cycle of violence. It escalates from a description of their emotions after their loved one was taken, to the feelings they have the moment the chance to enact their revenge is given.”

Watch the video for “The Cycle of Violence: Chapter 1” below.

Wolf Alice – “The Last Man on Earth (Lullaby Version)”

Wolf Alice released a stripped-back version of “The Last Man on Earth,” featuring a choir and piano. Originally from Blue Mercury, the reworked song is the first released off their upcoming Blue Lullaby EP. The EP which will feature lullabied versions of the Blue Mercury tracks.

Additionally, the track was recently performed with a choir and strings on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Listen to “The Last Man on Earth (Lullaby Version)” below.