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Thornhill – “Raw” 

Thornhill released a music video for their new single, “Raw,” off their upcoming album, Heroine. 

“The story of the song, ‘Raw,’ follows an actress’ responses to various requests, love letters, and desperate attempts made by fans and stalkers after her first major success, appearing in a soon-to-be cult classic film,” shares vocalist Jacob Charlton. 

“This song primarily focuses on character of the voice rather than complex melodies and harmonies. So I really wanted to bring a story to life that matches the attitude of the instruments. The way that she fights back these attempts and turns them down requires a lot of bravery and strength and it was more of the angle I wanted to hit, rather than relying on angry, dark lyrical themes.”

Watch the video for “Raw” below, and pre-order Heroine, out June 3, here.

Wallice – “Funeral”

Wallice debuted a music video for her single, “Funeral,” off the new 90s American Superstar EP.

On the video, Wallice shares, “The video for ‘Funeral’ was really important to me. It’s my favorite song that I’ve made so far. I pictured a concert-like celebration instead of a traditional solemn funeral, sort of taking the heaviness of a funeral and treating it lightly.” 

“In my videos I like to incorporate my lyrics in a literal way, but I also try to capture the tone of them as well. This video walks the line between melodramatic and sarcastic in a way that really captures my sense of humor.”

Watch the video for “Funeral” below.

LIMBS – “Slow Burn”

LIMBS released a visualizer for new track, “Slow Burn,” off their Coma Year EP, out June 24.

Vocalist Austin McAuley shares, “‘Slow Burn’ is a first-hand account of dealing with anxiety and panic disorder. It lays out the inner struggle of combating all stages of a panic attack and the mental anguish that follows.”

“In the moment that an attack reaches its peak, it feels like my heart is going to stop; like I have no control over the events taking place. From my racing pulse to blurred vision and cold sweats, it seems impossible that I’ll ever make it out on top. But in the end, I always find a way to bring myself out of it, somehow able to find the strength to carry on. But that strength is so easily forgotten whenever another episode arises.”

Watch the visualizer for “Slow Burn” below, and pre-order Coma Year here.

Miss May I – “Bleed Together”

Miss May I shared the music video for “Bleed Together,” off their forthcoming album, Curse of Existence, out September 2.

“‘Bleed Together’ describes the connection a parent has with their child and the lengths they are willing to go to be there for them,” shares Miss May I’s Levi Benton.

“It is a natural instinct for a parent to want to guard their child and for some that still seems to be something that was missing in their life. This song is from my perspective and an emotional follow up to our song ‘Hey Mister’ which describes the lack of a father figure around in one’s life.”

Watch the video for “Bleed Together” below. Pre-order Curse of Existence here.

Neck Deep – “STFU”

Neck Deep released “STFU,” the first taste of new music from the band since 2020’s All Distortions Are Intentional. The single is also the first self-released work since the group’s demos.

Speaking about the track, the band shares that it is “somewhat of a return to our roots, and a return to what we do best.” 

“As the world was falling apart at the time, and only seems to have worsened recently, it felt right to satirize the decline of society in typical punk fashion,” adds vocalist Ben Barlow. “Looking at the world through a screen and being lured into the impending sense of doom that’s overcome us all.”

Watch the video for “STFU” below, and catch Neck Deep on tour this summer. Tickets and more information is available here.

The Faim – “Me Because of You”

The Faim shared a new single and video, titled “Me Because of You,” off their forthcoming album, Talk Talk, out July 8

On the song, The Faim’s Stephen Beerkens says, “‘Me Because of You’ was written about embracing change and letting go of a past version of yourself. The lyrics recognize the huge impact that someone else can have on the process. This song was a huge milestone for us, as it’s our first release that has been self-produced!”

Watch the video for “Me Because of You” below.

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